Monday, January 14, 2008

Fish Slave Trader Character

Here are some character designs for a Slave Trader that enslaves fish. It is part of a story about David Livingston whom, in this version is a fish exploring land. (these were taken using the Photobooth program on my MacbookPro)


walleye said...

Hey Jason!
You've got some really great stuff up here. I really love the illustration with the monster eating the marshmallows.
How are things up in Alberta? I saw the Story conference posting (Chad sent me the link). Unfortunately we are heading to a screening of our first act on February 4th so its pretty much all guns a blazing to meet that deadline. If anything changes in the next few days and things move around at work, I'd love to come, but I think it will be kinda tough. Have fun up in the snow.
What else is new my friend?

Hope all is well.

Chad Kerychuk said...

Saw some of his other designs this past weekend. Wait until you see his graphic novel! His best work yet!