Sunday, December 13, 2009

A hunka hunka Love

Latest illustration, based on a sketch I did in my sketchbook some time a go.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parks Canada

So I have been exploring the use of collage, Graffiti stenciling technique, and some Wheatpasting in my work. Here are a couple of paintings 2' by 4' that I just completed, based on Canadian Parks, particularly Banff and Jasper. To view my process follow this link and this link.

I also designed two wallpaper patterns for use in the backgrounds.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Chair Makeover

With all of the human makeover, home makeover, room makeover shows out there I thought I would post a makeover of my own. I recently came into possession of an Dutch Antique chair that was destined for a ceremonial fire. However, I claimed I could give it another life. Here are the results of my efforts, and stages.

Happiness Plate

I just recently designed a plate based on the theme of happiness and harmony for a Competition over at Design21. I thought the idea for a child freely flying with a flock of birds would speak about over coming our challenges, and becoming harmonic with nature. Thoughts?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pond Hockey

A Wip that I am working on.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from The Big Comic Con

Wow, that was a interesting experience. There were allot of people and many were dressed up. I manage to see most of the panels that I wanted to see and most of them were good, though I found that they seemed so short. I Think the funniest one was the panel for the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. And I thought the Law School were really good, but with so many people the questions, although relative, steered the lecture off course. I managed to see several celebrities, but was shocked on how many people really gawk and crowd them. At one point we were in the main hall at the Paramount booth, and Ironman 2 Director Jon Favreau, showed up and people swarmed and started just yelling his name and 'look over here'. I thought it was silly, and a nuisance.

Anyways here are some pictures of the trip. Jason Blower San Diego Comic Con : Picasa Album

In addition I also bought several books and prints from artists that I admire.
This is a Bruce Timm 2009 sketch book

This is a neat little storybook/sketchbook from Ghost Bot.

This is a great story book from Ronnie Del Carmen.

Another great skechbook from Mike Mignola.

This is the latest anthology from Kazu the great people at the Flight Blog.

This a great sketchbook from Ryan Hunderford

This a copy of Smackdab by Scott Morse that I have been trying to find for a long time.

And Scotts latest book Tiger,Tiger,Tiger that he has published through his Red Widow Publishing company.

The Sex and Science book that Scott, Nate Wragg, Don Shank and Lou Romano have all contributed too.

A collection of daily sketches from Pascal Campion.

This here is a great collection of daily comics that Scott C. does for Double Fine Action Comics.

This is an awesome collection of vintage styled illustration by Derek.

This an awesome concept book that Kevin Dart created a James Bond Like movie character and the movies that she had made.

I also managed to pick up this sketchbook from Comic artist J. Scott Campbell.

The next two are books by Ragnar.

And finally two skechbooks by illustrator Javier Guzman.

Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 09

I am writing from San Diego, home of the largest collection of geeks in the world. Except MIT, perhaps. It is really an interesting collage of people that come to the comic con. There are the Costumed Enthusiasts, the pasty white pimple faces, the normals ( I would like to think I am included in this group), the talented and the pretty girls that like drive the whole bunch of us nuts. I have seen many different panels that I have enjoyed, though I wish they were longer and smaller in numbers. Today I braved the main exhibit, upon hearing how crazy it can get on Saturday. It is already quite busy. Last years attendance according to SDCC people was in the number of 150,000 people, and this year I have heard that there was some where between 200,00 and 300,000 registered. Such and increase that there is talk about moving the convention to another city in order to accommodate the numbers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Post Royal Bison

Thanks to all that came to see the show, and I hope you all found something you like for your space. It was a little slow, but it was a great chance to talk to others that are grinding away at their work.

Anyways it is now time to focus on my graphic novel on the Mad Trapper. I hope to have it done by Comic Con in San Diego at the end of July.Here are a few pages that I have just completed today.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Muerto "Ghosts"

Here are a couple of paintings that I have done for the fair.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair

Hey all I will be at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair in Edmonton. May 30 - May 31. I will be selling print and all kinds of goodies.


Here is a selection of the items that I will be selling at the Royal Bison. Not to fret what is left will be available on a Etsy account that I have started.

A couple of nesting dolls that I have painted up. The second one glows in the dark!!!!

The follow are Screen Prints I did. They are limited prints, Bookworm is 10, and the rest are 5.

These are some lamps that I made using recycled Nalogene Bottles, Hiking poles, a Birch Tree I saw that was cut down and LED Christmas lights. Recycled and low power consumption.

While I was Screen printing I did several on Organic Cotton to make into pillows (fill is reclaimed from pillows that had their day). The frills on the sides are different combos of Green, Blue, and Pink. There are, as well, four different characters on the pillows.

These are some Stuffed Animals out of felt (Also reclaimed stuffing). I had made similar characters out of wood blocks when I was in school and have since not been able to find a shop in Edmonton to cut the blocks. So I attempted to make them out of felt. There is a Rhino, Pigeon and Beaver.